karen vanmol

contemporary jewellery

Born in Leuven Belgium in 1983.

I grew up in Meldert-Hoegaarden,

a small village with 300 residents at that time. The city was too inviting so after a short stop in Leuven I lived and worked in Antwerp for 12 years. But in the end I moved back closer to my family.

As in my earlier work, I find my inspiration in architecture and nature. Except that everything continues to evolve and change. A city without a little nature works claustrophobic for me, but a nature landscape with no sign of humanity is too quiet for me. Protecting or imitating nature, the use of natural materials in architecture, the restoring of a road surface, accidental strong shapes on a construction site, these things I find very interesting.

On my way through town, I hunt and collect. I always encounter interesting images that I use as an inspiration. In addition, there is a certain choice of materials and colors, these are strongly influenced by memories. For example the necklaces, furniture in different colors, certain constructions. I have my story and the viewer projects its own story on top of mine.

I always start from my sources of inspiration, with these eyes I look around me. Next to that I make jewellery and I like to use my tools and try out how materials reacts to them. Eventually I work with materials, and that provides an additional factor. I find out the properties they possess and how I can edit them and this will count in the final result. Some techniques I use are common and you can find them in your house.

Naturally I tend to work clean and delineated, here I try to go outside of my  comfort zone.